what we do

Community Properties of Ohio Management Services (CPO Management) has a three-fold mission:

1.Provide Quality Affordable Housing
2.Link Residents With Resources That Can Stabilize Housing
3.Champion resident and community advancement

CPO Management directly impacts this mission by physically maintaining units and buildings to a high standard and holding residents accountable through strict lease compliance. We have dramatically improved resident accountability by building trust and providing clear and consistent communication between residents and property management. CPO Management has also positively impacted safety by working closely with special duty Columbus Police officers hired to patrol CPO properties.

CPO Impact was established in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) to provide strategic and innovative services and initiatives to impact the mission of the management company. CPO Impact has five key objectives:

1.Stable Housing
2.Safe Neighborhoods
3.Resident Growth
4.Successful Children
5.Community Learning