priority resident program

The Priority Resident program links residents with resources to stabilize their housing. About one-half of CPO residents become at-risk of losing their housing at least once in a given year. Residents can become at-risk due to rent non-payment, disconnected utility accounts, or poor housekeeping inspections. In addition, CPO maintains a zero tolerance policy as it relates to criminal activity. Property managers refer residents who are at-risk for eviction directly to a Resident Services team member who attempts to engage them by phone, mail, and house calls. Residents who accept assistance receive help with their immediate issues as well as a housing stability assessment, budgeting, and crisis planning to prevent future issues. Resident Services Family Coaches assist residents with resources to maintain their housing and build housing credibility for the future.

Special Initiatives

Stable Housing Initiative

As part of its ongoing mission to assist residents with necessary services to keep them stable in their homes, CPO Impact identified emergency rental assistance (ERA) as a priority. Navigating the complex and long process of looking for, applying, and following up to receive rental assistance poses a significant barrier for many. As such, beginning in 2021, the Resident Services team began assisting residents with the entire application process and follow up to make sure the application was not delayed due to outstanding documentation or other technicalities. The work continued into 2022 with expanded partnerships . These allowed the Resident Services team to work more directly with ERA processors, streamlining the application and avoiding documentation delays. The combined effort led to assisting 344 residents to successfully complete the ERA process in 2022 alone for a total assistance amount of 1.7 million dollars. This critical service allowed residents to avoid eviction and remain stable in their homes. In this process, they also were screened for other services and needs, including financial empowerment services to help build long-term stability.

While the landscape of emergency rental assistance continues to shift, CPO Impact remains committed to helping residents navigate this complicated process as smoothly as possible. Efforts are ongoing to build bridges between funders and residents, aiding in application processing and advocacy for all.