referrals upon request program


The Referrals Upon Request program links residents with resources which help to stabilize their housing. Through Referrals Upon Request, residents can prevent a crisis before it starts or take the next step forward in their lives. Residents can contact the Referrals Upon Request case manager directly or be referred through other CPO Impact programs, CPO Management (property management and maintenance), or outside agencies. The case manager supports residents to address a wide variety of resources, including:

•  Basic - rental assistance, utility assistance, and obtaining adequate food and clothing
•  Home management - housekeeping, budgeting, and home furnishing
•  Health - accessing medical and mental health services and health insurance benefits
•  Parenting - pre-natal care, baby supplies, and childcare
•  Educational - Adult Basic Education and GED programs

Referred residents may receive assistance through one of CPO Impact's programs or through partnerships with community organizations such as IMPACT Community Action and Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. In many cases, CPO residents in the Referrals Upon Request program receive priority services with our partners.