eliminate the elements®

Eliminate the Elements® is a pro-active policing strategy that employs Columbus Police officers as CPO special duty officers to address criminal activity on or near CPO properties. In addition to reducing criminal activity, this program seeks to increase residents' sense of safety and empower them to be involved in their community. Officers are strategically chosen for knowledge of neighborhoods and commitment to CPO's mission. Officers drive a CPO police cruiser leased through a partnership with the City of Columbus.

Officers and CPO property managers communicate daily to identify and address 'hot spots' of activity. Officers also develop relationships with residents and other community members through positive 'walk and talk' activities. An anonymous tip line (614.545.SAFE) makes it safe for residents and neighbors to report problems.

The Impact of Eliminate the Elements® is Clear.

Arrests by CPO officers have decreased 95% between 2005 and 2022. More importantly, children have resumed playing in courtyards and backyards in our neighborhoods.