digital equity

CPO Impact recognizes the importance of digital access as part of the larger ability to engage with education, employment, benefits, social engagement, and other resources. Without the tools (laptops, tablets etc.) as well as affordable and reliable access to internet providers, residents struggle to complete many basic tasks like maintaining their benefits, managing healthcare, paying bills, applying for jobs, finding trainings, and attending school. This critical need is a priority for staff. As such, CPO Impact is a part of the Digital Equity Coalition (DEC) for Franklin County, The goal of this coalition is to build funding and resources for the community. This is evidenced by increased access to both hardware as well as equitable internet service provision for the area.

CPO Impact is working closely with the coalition to bring digital navigation skills to our own staff as well as increased knowledge of financial resources around affordable connectivity. The steering committee for the DEC is comprised of:

•  Columbus Metropolitan Library
•  Columbus City Schools
•  The Columbus Foundation
•  Jewish Family Services
•  Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
•  Smart Columbus
•  The City of Columbus
•  Ohio Health
•  National Digital Inclusion Alliance
•  Franklin County Data Center

More information about the DEC can be found at