cpoWORKS provides general coaching support for residents pursuing employment goals as well as specific training and support in career exploration, job searching, interviewing, transitioning to employment, and maintaining employment. In the past year, cpoWORKS was expanded to include residents pursuing GED or post-secondary education. CPO also began an AmeriCorps program that provides a one-year service opportunity for residents. AmeriCorps members also become cpoWORKS members in order to obtain regular employment after their year of service. CPO is also a partner in a new transitional jobs (TJ) initiative launched by Godman Guild. A TJ is a short-term job (usually 3-6 months) that allows adults who have been disconnected from the workforce to practice soft job skills and adjust to lifestyle changes required to be successful in the workplace. Coaching support is being provided to TJ participants through cpoWORKS.